Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a massage?

There are a wide variety of different reasons why a person may want a massage. The short answer is, the majority of us do need one. Massage therapy is a great tool to help relieve stress as well as to deal with specific muscle pain. This is true whether it’s something that you’ve been dealing with for years or if you pulled a muscle just the other day. Many of us live with pain every day and have gotten so used to it that we don’t even realize that it’s there anymore.

How long of a treatment should I book?

This depends on what you are looking to have worked on. For your first treatment, it is often a good idea to book a 1-hour massage to ensure that there is enough time to locate any problem areas and still get in a full treatment. If you are looking to have something specific worked on (focused treatment on arms, legs, or back) then half an hour can often be enough. For a full-body therapeutic massage, I advise a 90-minute treatment. If you’re still not sure how long you should book in for, give me a call and we can discuss what the best option is for you.

How early should I show up for my massage?

If it is your first time coming in you should show up 10-15 minutes early to make sure that you can fill out your health history form without taking up any of your treatment time. If you have been here before, simply show up on time, no more than 5 minutes ahead of your appointment time. If you arrive late the appointment will still end at the designated time.

What should I expect when I come in for a massage?

When you arrive for your first treatment you will be provided with a health history form. Ensure that you fill this form out carefully and completely to help me provide the best possible treatment for your body’s needs. Next, you will be brought into the clinic room to discuss the treatment and what you hope to get out of your massage. This is when you should bring up any concerns and describe any specific problem areas that you have.

At this point, I leave the room to allow you to get ready on the table. I will then knock on the door to make sure you are ready before I come back into the room. From here the massage will begin. Feel free to speak up and let me know how everything is feeling during the massage. If you aren’t comfortable with something or if you need me to adjust the pressure let me know. This helps me to make sure that I am giving you the treatment that you want. If I need you to move or adjust at all I will let you know. I will tell you when the treatment is over and then leave the room to let you get ready. Once you are all set you can open the door, at which point we will discuss any home care or additional concerns.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

It is entirely your choice how much you undress (if at all) for your massage. In most cases, I advise removing clothing that covers the areas that are going to be worked on, but if you prefer not to undress at all, I can massage over top of your clothes. I am trained in proper draping to ensure that your privacy is respected at all times throughout the treatment regardless of whether or not you undress. Your comfort is the most important thing during your treatment.

What kind of lotion do you use?

The lotion I use in my clinic is olive oil-based and water dispersible. It is an unscented lotion with no nut oils and is paraben-free. If you have any concerns about specific ingredients feel free to contact me and I can provide detailed ingredient information.

Can I bring my own oil/lotion?

Please contact me if you would like to have a different oil or lotion used for your appointment and we can discuss whether or not it will work for when you come in. I will not work with any oils or lotions that contain medicinal ingredients.

How much weight can the table hold?

My massage table can hold up to 500 pounds.

Should I talk during my massage?

This is completely up to you. Your massage treatment is about you and what is going to make you feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Some clients like to strike up a conversation, while others enjoy peaceful silence. As such, it is unlikely I will initiate conversation, leaving it up to you to determine how you would like your treatment to go.

How can I pay for my massage?

I accept cash, cheques, or credit cards. I also offer direct billing for a number of different insurance providers. Please contact me for details on whether or not I can bill your benefits plan directly.

Can I claim massage treatments through my health insurance? How do I do it?

If you have private health insurance (Blue Cross, Canada Life [Formerly Great-West Life], etc.) that covers massage you should be able to claim your treatments. I advise checking with your provider first to verify what your coverage is and to see if you need a doctor’s note in order for it to be covered.

Before going in for your appointment you will pay for the treatment up front and I will provide you with a receipt. You can then submit this receipt to your insurance company, at which point they will process the claim and reimburse you for the treatment.

Do you do SGI/WCB claims?

I do not currently work with SGI/WCB claims.